A Trusted House Of Germents Trims Manufacturer

Information of the Company


Anik Trims Ltd. was incorporated in Bangladesh as a Private Limited Company with the issuance of incorporation registration no. C‐140396/2017 on 10 October, 2017 by the Registrar of Joint Stock Companies & Firms.


Inception of commercial operation:

The Company started its commercial operation in 01st April, 2015.

Factory Location:

The factory premises of Anik Trims Ltd. is located at Golora Charkhanda, Jagir, Manikganj, Bangladesh.

Nature of business:

The principal activities of the company are to carry on the business of manufacturing, processing, printing, cutting, sealing and assembling of all kinds of Carton, Sticker, Photo box, Photo card, Photo inlay, Back board, Bar code, Hangtag, Price tag, Size tag, Care label, Size label, Main label, Interlining, PVC box, Collar stand, Butterfly, Tissue paper, Twill tape Poly bag, Thread, Gum tape, Elastic etc.